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Damn, That's A Lot of Corn

I'm back. Miss me? Of course you have! And how jealous you'll be when you learn where I've been: exotic Macomb, Illinois, home of Western Illinois University, where my sister-in-law Lisa J will be attending grad school come in the fall. It's a tiny little hamlet in western Illinois, the sort of place you can drive across in five minutes and then find yourself swallowed up by endless miles of corn. It's been three years since Lisa (my Lisa, that is) and I left Iowa and I'd forgotten what the Midwest was like.

As I said before, damn, there's a lot of corn out there.

At any rate, I spent a couple days driving a rental truck up there (with my Lisa riding shotgun) and Lisa J with her mom in her car to lead the way. Got her moved in, got a quick tour of the place, then caught a plane out of Moline International Airport to carry us home. While I was gone got a personal rejection from MarsDust and several hundred spams.

Recently Read: Read a lot actually, 'cuz, y'know, there's not much else to do in western Illinois when you're resting in a hotel room, sitting in a house in Illinois waiting for the cable dude to show up, or sitting in an airport in Cincinnati. Titles include: Adventures in Screenwriting, by William Goldman (he of Princess Bride fame); The DC Guide to Writing Comics, by Dennis O'Neil; and Comic Book Nation, by Bradford Wright. You may think you see a pattern in these books. Pay no attention to it.