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Much happens, little worth reporting. Highlights include:

  • Got word this morning from Albedo One that "Twelvepenny Weather" will be in the next ish, due out in a few weeks.

  • Had to attend anger management training at work Tuesday. No, I'm not going Hulk on you. Everyone in the library had to attend. Seems librarians are a cranky lot. Which is news to me; I thought we just drank a lot.

  • We're now in possession of SimCity 4, the latest in a long line of "you are God" games. Looks fun, he said, looking over Lisa's shoulder (I'm kidding, sweetie).

  • Seen some movies, like the wildly enjoyable and highly recommended Pirates of the Caribbean; read some books, such as The Science of Superheroes, which examines how much grounding in reality comic book superheroes have. Short answer: not much.

  • I am writing, I'm happy to report. Working on a sequel to "Evening with the Minotaur," for the forthcoming sequel to the Path of the Just anthology. At the moment little is on paper, but much is in my head. With luck I'll reverse that before the deadline arrives. Path of the Just, by the way, is due out sometime this month, so if you're into superhero fiction (such as the Wild Cards books), why not pick up a copy?
And that's about it. More later when it happens.