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Yep, things happen fast around here. Today brought an 8 day rejection from Alchemy, and yesterday a 7 day personal rejection from the Magazine of Speculative Poetry for a poetry trio (Asimov's, however, is not speedy: took 'em 162 days for them to shoot me down on one poem. 162 days! And then I only got the "Dear Poet" form). There was the speeding ticket I got yesterday ('twas a fair cop, but society is to blame; limit drops 10 miles on one section of road, and whaddya know, that's where he tagged me). And then there's the Internet, the speediest of them all. Yes, our DSL modem arrived and now the net's all quick quick quick, not the slow water torture that our dial-up modem connection had been for the past three years! So satisfying. It's almost like I have to learn how to enjoy the Internet all over again. Almost.

Recent Read: Gaiman's Coraline. Another quick read.