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Oy, What A Day

The alternative title for this entry would be "That's J-O-N, not J-O-B," but that might be overly dramatic. However, it was a very long day. I'm now going to whine at you, so you may want to come back later. I promise to post something a little chippier tomorrow. Or maybe Friday. But at any rate, today featured:

  • My having to teach an instruction session (it went fine, but they make me nervous, so I spent the morning more than a little agitated)

  • A phone call from my sweetie, informing me that her mother has been admitted to the hospital. She's still there. Not sure of the prognosis, as this problem is a recurring one with her.

  • A story rejection (a very polite personal one, spot-on as to the problem with the tale, but still a no. Don't worry, dude, we're still cool).

  • The high point: twenty minutes after I got home, I walked into the hall to notice water dripping from the hall smoke detector. That was quickly followed by all the smoke detectors going off at once (causing the cats to vanish), thanks to a water leak in my attic (a drainage pipe from the air conditioner got somehow screwed up). I had to flip the breakers, pull the batteries from all the detectors, and finally unhook them, then followed by trying to clean up the water in the attic. Spots on the floorboard, and a big roll of spare carpet was soaked. Three towels ruined in this process, as well as many many papertowels. I'm now waiting for everything to dry out and praying that there's not much water in the walls. Otherwise there'll be mold.

  • Oh, and my car is currently sitting in the garage with a flat tire, thanks to my running over a nail from the construction site next door. Brand new tires, by the way.
So. Like I said, come back later.