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Quite a day today. Email brought me the contracts for "Evening with the Minotaur," a note of praise for Plush Cthulhu from a famed SF author (note: I hereby promise to write the second one Real Soon Now), and the news that I've sold another poem! "The Laundromat Advances the Plot," will appear in the ubercool spec fic webzine Strange Horizons. And the payment, incidentally, will cover the cost of my last tire patching. Ha! Screw you, road debris!

Mind you, I didn't learn any of this until lunch. I'm off today (since I have to work Saturday), so I was spending my morning giving platelets. It's very relaxing: a movie, a warm blanket, nowhere to go for two hours, all the juice & cookies you want afterwards, plus that sense of moral smugness you get from doing something to help others. While it's true that karma cannot be earned but only portioned out by the cosmos, that's not going to stop me from trying.

Recently Read: Well, finished Stories of Your Life, which I did enjoy. Chiang's reputation is quite understandable. Curiously, my first reaction on finishing "Hell Is the Absence of God" was that God in this story is definitely Old Testament: a grade A bastard. Other reads include Louis Sachar's Holes (now a major motion picture!), Basil Copper's The Great White Space, and Bellwether, by Connie Willis. Apparently I've read Bellwether before, tho' I didn't think so when I picked it up. Very familiar, tho'. Tonight Lisa and I will slog down to Barnes & Noble to pick up our pre-ordered copy of Harry Potter and the Gigantic Publishing Event, which should be fun. Besides, I enjoy observing large crowds of sleep-deprived youngsters that I'm not ethically or financially responsible for. Until then, I'm currently reading another classic, T. H. White's Mistress Masham's Repose.

Ten Minutes Later: Why, even more goodness! Snail mail brings my contributor's copy of Random Planets: A Scifaiku Odyssey, the (apparently renamed) poetry collection from Sam's Dot Publishing to whom I sold "We meet in dark LANs..." a couple months back, as well as payment for said poem! In cash! Ha! Screw you, IRS! Also the annual water quality report from the county! Ha! We can drink the water!

It is a good day. And maybe I've had too much caffeine.