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Today the mail brought my copy of Star*Line 26.1, containing my poem "Cut Down the Night," an early work of mine that I'm very fond of. Woo hoo! Another pub! Unfortunately there was a slight typo on my first name (replaced with the more common spelling), and it was caught too late to be fixed. Ah well. Tim had been kind enough to warn me about it and graciously apologized. Besides, while Oscar Wilde may have said "A poet can survive everything but a misprint," I don't really consider myself a poet. So it's all good.

In further news, I also received word that the online magazine Fables.org has accepted another poem of mine, "Last Night," for their Fall issue. They passed on the other two, but that's neither here nor there. Very good news indeed.

And finally, went to see the Matrix Reloaded this afternoon (have to work tomorrow, so I had the day off). Had a great time. It's the sort of flick where you'll need to see it twice. Not just for the fight scenes, although those are cool, but because it's so...intriguing. Without giving anything away, let's just say there's a lot going below the surface of the movie. But it definitely needs the sequel to fill in the blanks. Another six months. Sigh.

Currently Reading: Along with Heart's Revenge, also working on What They Didn't Teach You About World War II. Possibly for story research, but also maybe not. At least, I don't have anything specific in mind.