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Ah, the three day weekend. Is there anything sweeter? Ok, of course there is. Don't answer that. Still, it looks like a pleasant weekend. No rain for once, and we've been getting a lot. Word from the Powers That Be is that Georgia's drought, both long term and short, is over. Finally. I'll probably have to spend the weekend mowing the lawn and performing other acts of Yard Maintenance, but I also plan to, um, chill.

Writerly types may be interested to hear that Lowder & Co. have announced guidelines for Path of the Bold, another superhero anthology for the Silver Age Sentinels RPG and the sequel to Path of the Just. Deadline is August 15th for a January publication. Considering my options on a possible sequel to "Evening with the Minotaur." As always, it'll come down to if I can get a decent idea or not in time.

Just Read: Turning Points, the new anthology set in Thieves' World, first of the shared universes writing projects that were all the rage in the 1980s. Why, it's as gritty as ever.