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Around noon today got a phone call from the Red Cross, asking me to come donate platelets. Well, it being Memorial Day and all, it's kind of hard to say no (without feeling like a heartless bastard). So I did. Besides, I'm a sucker for free juice and cookies. Mmm, Nutter Butters. Otherwise, the weekend was lovely. Slept late. Yard work. House work. Watched TV. Read books. Let someone stick a needle in my arm. Yep, very low key. And it went by awfully fast, although Lisa has pointed one other advantage to a Monday three day weekend: it's a shorter trip to next weekend.

No new writing news. Summer school starts Wednesday, which means I'll have to start working a night once a week. Feh. Lisa and I are also going to Los Angeles in a couple months to see our bud Abbie, now working at Cal State Fullerton. My first trip to La-La Land. Should be fun. Whee!

Recently Read: The superhero thriller Those Who Walk In Darkness, by John Ridley. Sort of a cross between the Watchmen and September 11th (you'll see what I mean if you read it). I liked it, although I was very frustrated by the ending. Grr. Currently reading Cerulean Sins, the next ever cheerful Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter book.