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May 30, 2003

Back From The Horizon And Seeking Opinions

It's been quiet 'round these parts. But today the email brings a 31 day rejection from Strange Horizons. They said nice things about the story, but ultimately no. Ah well.

Incidentally, since Lisa and I will be going to Los Angeles next month (all right, Anaheim to be precise), I was wondering if anyone could recommend some sights worth seeing. Altho we'll have a sherpa guide, I don't want to put all the burden on him. So, you native (or current) Angelinos: what would you recommend a first time visitor definitely check out? Or, for that matter, avoid at any cost?

Just Read: A graphic novel, of all things. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. I, released just in time for the movie. Comic = very good. Movie = fingers crossed.

May 26, 2003


Around noon today got a phone call from the Red Cross, asking me to come donate platelets. Well, it being Memorial Day and all, it's kind of hard to say no (without feeling like a heartless bastard). So I did. Besides, I'm a sucker for free juice and cookies. Mmm, Nutter Butters. Otherwise, the weekend was lovely. Slept late. Yard work. House work. Watched TV. Read books. Let someone stick a needle in my arm. Yep, very low key. And it went by awfully fast, although Lisa has pointed one other advantage to a Monday three day weekend: it's a shorter trip to next weekend.

No new writing news. Summer school starts Wednesday, which means I'll have to start working a night once a week. Feh. Lisa and I are also going to Los Angeles in a couple months to see our bud Abbie, now working at Cal State Fullerton. My first trip to La-La Land. Should be fun. Whee!

Recently Read: The superhero thriller Those Who Walk In Darkness, by John Ridley. Sort of a cross between the Watchmen and September 11th (you'll see what I mean if you read it). I liked it, although I was very frustrated by the ending. Grr. Currently reading Cerulean Sins, the next ever cheerful Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter book.

May 24, 2003


Ah, the three day weekend. Is there anything sweeter? Ok, of course there is. Don't answer that. Still, it looks like a pleasant weekend. No rain for once, and we've been getting a lot. Word from the Powers That Be is that Georgia's drought, both long term and short, is over. Finally. I'll probably have to spend the weekend mowing the lawn and performing other acts of Yard Maintenance, but I also plan to, um, chill.

Writerly types may be interested to hear that Lowder & Co. have announced guidelines for Path of the Bold, another superhero anthology for the Silver Age Sentinels RPG and the sequel to Path of the Just. Deadline is August 15th for a January publication. Considering my options on a possible sequel to "Evening with the Minotaur." As always, it'll come down to if I can get a decent idea or not in time.

Just Read: Turning Points, the new anthology set in Thieves' World, first of the shared universes writing projects that were all the rage in the 1980s. Why, it's as gritty as ever.

May 21, 2003

You Know It's A Popular Movie When...

It gets used as an insanity defense.

May 16, 2003


Today the mail brought my copy of Star*Line 26.1, containing my poem "Cut Down the Night," an early work of mine that I'm very fond of. Woo hoo! Another pub! Unfortunately there was a slight typo on my first name (replaced with the more common spelling), and it was caught too late to be fixed. Ah well. Tim had been kind enough to warn me about it and graciously apologized. Besides, while Oscar Wilde may have said "A poet can survive everything but a misprint," I don't really consider myself a poet. So it's all good.

In further news, I also received word that the online magazine Fables.org has accepted another poem of mine, "Last Night," for their Fall issue. They passed on the other two, but that's neither here nor there. Very good news indeed.

And finally, went to see the Matrix Reloaded this afternoon (have to work tomorrow, so I had the day off). Had a great time. It's the sort of flick where you'll need to see it twice. Not just for the fight scenes, although those are cool, but because it's so...intriguing. Without giving anything away, let's just say there's a lot going below the surface of the movie. But it definitely needs the sequel to fill in the blanks. Another six months. Sigh.

Currently Reading: Along with Heart's Revenge, also working on What They Didn't Teach You About World War II. Possibly for story research, but also maybe not. At least, I don't have anything specific in mind.

May 12, 2003

Not This Time

Not all editorial email is golden and wondrous, packed with rainbows, etc. For example, this morning the email brought me a 121 day rejection from The Decay Within anthology. Not that an anthology with a theme like that would take such a tone. But you get my point, muddled tho' it is.

Current Reading: Sahara, the latest travelogue by Michael Palin, and Heart's Revenge, by Julia Porter.

May 11, 2003

Patience = Virtue

Or so they say. But at last my patience has been rewarded: got email this morning telling me that my story "Evening with the Minotaur" has been accepted for the superhero anthology Path of the Just, a tie-in with the Silver Sentinels RPG. Whoo! And so forth. It'll be my second anthology appearance, which pleases me. I like the heft books add to the vanity shelf.

Let's see, other news: went to my parents for Mother's Day celebration (Dad grilled steaks). We also celebrated (earlier that day) my sister-in-law's official graduation from Georgia State. Yesterday she walked across the stage and got the fake diploma, so, on the whole, it's been a very family oriented weekend.

May 08, 2003

Pine Desk Seeks Raven

Boy, it's been quiet. As far as writing goes, anyway. No responses from anyone, not even the elusive anthology. Perhaps later today, but I'm not optimistic.

One thing of potential interest to you writerly types is that we're now the proud possessors of a new writing desk, thanks to my parents' decision to redo their living room. The desk (seen here in a temporary location) came from an auction of surplus furniture from a train depot in Kentucky, back in the 60's. It's very cool. Sadly, the only writing likely to be done at it is billpaying, since I don't have a laptop and I bet the iMac would slide right off. But at least I'm halfway to answering Lewis Carroll's question. Just as soon as I, um, get a raven.

Later: Hey, some news. A 27 day form reject from Absolute Magnitude, with an additional note stating that as of May 10th they will be closed to submissions due to being overstocked. So, make a note of that.

Last night I had a dream that I sold a story to F&SF. It was one of those dreams that when you wake up, you think, "Did that really happen? Or did I dream it?" I've got a story out to F&SF, so it's possible. But upon remembering that the acceptance letter ended with "Kick ass, man! MUWAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!", I figured it probably was a dream. Probably.

May 01, 2003


It's finals at school. This means the library will be much quieter now. Oh, not empty. Likely every cubicle will have a student cramming for finals, and I expect we'll have a few people trying to find very specific things ("I forgot to write the down the page numbers for the articles in my bibliography!), but otherwise it shouldn't be much. Aah.

No writing news for me, but it's still early. Mail won't come for several more hours. Elsewhere Strange Horizons is now looking for a new fiction editor. And I stumbled into a really cool picture of an air bubble suspended in a droplet of water.