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Picky Vampires

I'm off work today, because I'm working Sunday (ack). So this morning I did something vaguely altruistic and donated platelets at the Red Cross. If you don't know how that works, it basically means they take some blood out of one arm, filter out the platelets, then stick what's left over back in the other arm. In practical terms, this means I now have bandages on both arms rather than just one. But they paid me off with cookies and juice, so that's good enough for me.

In writing news, the Eggplant Literary Productions' Library is online, with a couple contributions from me. I'm very pleased. I especially like the fake book cover for "The Magikal Art." Maybe Tim could fix that for Rio Hondo (well, maybe not).

Recently Read: Backstory, by Robert Parker, another Spenser novel. Pearl the wonder dog has died, but everyone else remains the same.