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Philosopher's Stone Eludes Me Still

An eight day form rejection from Alchemy. This is about what I've come to expect from this market, but I can't stop myself from submitting. His response times are too good.

Had dinner with my in-laws today. Lisa & I also got to see Lisa's sister Lisa J., who's going to grad school at Western Illinois starting in the fall. Iif you're wondering where that is, it's in Macomb, Illinois, about an hour and a half away from any form of civilization. In this case, Peoria). Going to my folks for Easter tomorrow. Also waiting to hear if Tim snagged the Nebula. Even if he doesn't, I'm positive he'll get more chances.

Recently Read: Land of Laughs, by Jonathan Carroll, and now working on the Neal Barrett Jr. collection A Different Vintage.

Later: No joy. The Nebula results. Ah well. I'm disappointed for him, but confident Tim will return.