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Unsurprisingly, I'm finding myself extremely distracted today. Gee, what a shock. Spent a great deal of time yesterday hitting a number of the various news sites, but now I find I'm just leaving a window on the Agonist open, hitting the reload button. War should not be a spectator sport. And yet, here we are. Hungry for more.

Read a couple stories on Yahoo yesterday written by Chris Tomlinson, an AP writer, 'embedded' in A Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment in southern Iraq. I mention this because he quotes Chris Carter, the company commander, who turns out to be from my home town. He was a couple years behind me in high school. We didn't run in the same circles, but I remember him. Tomlinson describes him as "a small man with thick eyebrows and a liquid Georgia accent." Pulled out my high school yearbooks when I got home. Looking at the picture of him at sixteen and thinking about where he was now felt quite surreal. Hope he keeps his head down.

Later: Show of hands, folks. During all the war coverage, did anyone else notice that Lichtenstein has just rejected democracy in favor of an absolute monarchy? By popular vote, no less.