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Paid In Toys

Lisa called me at work yesterday evening (Thursday's my night for reference), saying I'd gotten a package and would I mind terribly if she opened it? Apparentally all the decorations all over the outside of it made her curious. Inside was my prize for winning HeyTrey's writing contest back in February. What did I win? Temporary Tarzan tattoos! A miniature stuffed monster from "Where the Wild Things Are"! A bobblehead MiB...I think. Thirty odd styrofoam peanuts! Ah, it's all good! Whoo! Thanks, Trey! Tell your young'un I also appreciated the crayon work. Nice technique.

Also: the last day for you to request a postcard from Vegas is March 31st. It's be personally addressed to you with a short note as to what I've been doing. Contents will vary, but all will be original. No salesmen will come to your home afterwards, and you won't be signed up on any mailing lists. But act now, time is limited.