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Jet Jaguar

Yes, it's happened. Upgraded reliable ol' Gandalf to Mac OS X 10.2.3 Jaguar. It's...very different. I like it, but since the household modem connection is still a dialup, it's hard to do a lot with it right now, like upgrade the OS or download software (except Safari, which is still in the excitable beta stage). Also, all our old software is still built for OS 9, which can make getting it to do stuff problematic. But at least now we can buy an iPod.

Spring is also here, which means it's time for yardwork. Weeds are starting to appear in large numbers in our backyard, and Lisa wants to plant azalea bushes under the kitchen window. Hard, hard work. So instead we thumbed our noses at all that and drove up to Chattanooga to visit the Tennessee Aquarium. Woohoo! Made it a double header and also saw an IMAX movie: Space Station 3D. Very cool. Gorgeous day.

In writing news, I got an email rejection from Say... this morning for issue #2 (...What Time Is It?). If you were wondering, this was the resubmit requested by the psychic editor Thursday. And how do I score this? It's either a 47 day personal rejection or a 3 day personal rejection, depending on your POV. Said nice things, but ultimately a nope. They did happen to mention the topic for issue #3, which I've now been led to think is still (relatively) secret. If you're curious, just ask.