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I'm Sorry, Who Are You Again?

Hey, celebrity sighting today at work. Definitely C List. Let me tell all. Was sitting quietly at the reference desk at the close of the day, when in walked a small group of people, all youngish, one of whom was holding a movie camera (the kind local news uses, not a camcorder). One of the guys sat down at a computer and Camera Boy started shooting. We get these now and again. Students, shooting art projects.

Since we make the kids get permission from library admin to shoot, my coworker goes over there to check. But no, they're not students. Instead they're from MTV, and the guy they were filming was none other than Puck of The Real World fame. Yes, one of the "original" reality tv stars. He's got or getting another show going with MTV.

At any rate, it turns out they don't have permission to film. Puck says they've been trying to get permission to film at KSU for a year and a half (!), and can't make any headway with administration. Why they'd be so hot to film here, I have no idea. So away they went again. At that point my replacement showed up, so I left.

Now, I didn't speak to Puck, although I did see and hear the whole exchange. I also never watched Real World. My only real comment is that Puck looks like he's been ridden hard and put up wet. He is not aging gracefully. I am impressed he's still getting mileage on his fifteen minutes. Good for him, I suppose.

In other news, my parents came over and spent the weekend. Did a little antiquing, ate out a little, and generally had a good time. They also brought some stuff over for our place: a coffee table and some stuff of mine from the attic (books, papers, old RPG stuff, that sort of thing). Mom's cleaning house.

In writing news, a 32 day personal rejection from a forthcoming Cthulhoid anthology from Wildside Press. If you didn't see it posted anywhere, it's because it wasn't formally announced. The editor mentioned he had a couple open slots on one of the SFF newsgroups, so I took a chance on sending it to him. He passed, but he did have some nice things to say.