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Glad We Checked

Experienced a Simpsons moment this evening: in getting ready for our trip, we discovered that the airline had gotten our departure day wrong (they had us scheduled to leave a day early). Lisa called & tried to get it changed, but it was past the 24 hour correction time period blah blah blah, and long story short, we're leaving a day early rather than cough up another $600. I was kind of steamed about this at first, as it has resulted in a lot of other things to be rescheduled (hotel, car, pet sitter, reference desk coverage), but now I'm fine.

I mean, look at this way. I now have to go on an extra day of vacation. O cruel fate! Is there no end to your perfidy? Curse you! Etc.

In writing news, a 17 day email nope from Ideomancer. Nothing fancy, just no.