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Abyss Twice

Superquick rejection (just under eight hours) from Abyss & Apex. A resub of a previously lost submission, so perhaps she just kicked it up to the top of the list. At any rate, wow.

I'm actually thinking I'm going to need to query a whole bunch of markets. Had another editor email me to say they'd never received a submission of mine, and would I care to email it to her again? (I know what you're thinking: if they never got it, how did they know that? Easy. She's psychic. Actually she just reads Greg's and David's journals.) That's great, but I've got about four others that have been nearly three months waiting, and I'm starting to get a weird vibe on the lack of response. Don't you hate that?

Next week it's gonna be quiet at work, as the kiddies will all (or mostly all) be gone on spring break. Good for them. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get some caffeine.

Reading: Reading. What's that again?

Later: It's happened again! Another 8 hour rejection from Abyss & Apex. Goodness, I'm getting dizzy...