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March 30, 2003

I Love Ireland

And why not? It's a green and pleasant land, or so they say. Still, the main reason for my newfound love of the emerald isle is that the fine folks from Albedo One have purchased my Helen Fielding-esque fantasy tale "Twelvepenny Weather." Happy happy, joy joy.

March 29, 2003

Glad We Checked

Experienced a Simpsons moment this evening: in getting ready for our trip, we discovered that the airline had gotten our departure day wrong (they had us scheduled to leave a day early). Lisa called & tried to get it changed, but it was past the 24 hour correction time period blah blah blah, and long story short, we're leaving a day early rather than cough up another $600. I was kind of steamed about this at first, as it has resulted in a lot of other things to be rescheduled (hotel, car, pet sitter, reference desk coverage), but now I'm fine.

I mean, look at this way. I now have to go on an extra day of vacation. O cruel fate! Is there no end to your perfidy? Curse you! Etc.

In writing news, a 17 day email nope from Ideomancer. Nothing fancy, just no.

March 28, 2003

Paid In Toys

Lisa called me at work yesterday evening (Thursday's my night for reference), saying I'd gotten a package and would I mind terribly if she opened it? Apparentally all the decorations all over the outside of it made her curious. Inside was my prize for winning HeyTrey's writing contest back in February. What did I win? Temporary Tarzan tattoos! A miniature stuffed monster from "Where the Wild Things Are"! A bobblehead MiB...I think. Thirty odd styrofoam peanuts! Ah, it's all good! Whoo! Thanks, Trey! Tell your young'un I also appreciated the crayon work. Nice technique.

Also: the last day for you to request a postcard from Vegas is March 31st. It's be personally addressed to you with a short note as to what I've been doing. Contents will vary, but all will be original. No salesmen will come to your home afterwards, and you won't be signed up on any mailing lists. But act now, time is limited.

March 24, 2003

All Cats Love Chair

See? Would I lie? All right, Gus was the only holdout. But Andy and the ladies are fans.

Oh, important tip, kids: if you want to be thrown off J-Walker, just put a typo in the name of the month. "Mach." I'm so stupid...

March 23, 2003


Yesterday brought a 100 day personal rejection letter from Paradox. Called it "a little too playful in tone...not withstanding the fact that it had a darker, psychological undercurrent." Make a note of that.

In real life, have been spending a lot of time watching the news sites. It's pretty much compulsive, despite our pitiful modem speeds.

March 21, 2003


Unsurprisingly, I'm finding myself extremely distracted today. Gee, what a shock. Spent a great deal of time yesterday hitting a number of the various news sites, but now I find I'm just leaving a window on the Agonist open, hitting the reload button. War should not be a spectator sport. And yet, here we are. Hungry for more.

Read a couple stories on Yahoo yesterday written by Chris Tomlinson, an AP writer, 'embedded' in A Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment in southern Iraq. I mention this because he quotes Chris Carter, the company commander, who turns out to be from my home town. He was a couple years behind me in high school. We didn't run in the same circles, but I remember him. Tomlinson describes him as "a small man with thick eyebrows and a liquid Georgia accent." Pulled out my high school yearbooks when I got home. Looking at the picture of him at sixteen and thinking about where he was now felt quite surreal. Hope he keeps his head down.

Later: Show of hands, folks. During all the war coverage, did anyone else notice that Lichtenstein has just rejected democracy in favor of an absolute monarchy? By popular vote, no less.

March 18, 2003

Stuff And Such

Lunchtime brought a two day personal e-jection from Abyss & Apex (at this rate, they'll have rejected me completely in another week). On a more positive note, I've also been told that my story "Muse Drank Hazelnut" has been nominated for inclusion in a "Best of the Web" literary fiction anthology. Keeping my expectations low, but it's nice to hear. Also, part II of King Pellinore's Very Secret Diary is up.

Hmm. What else? Bought a new chair. Got a haircut. And the world keeps on.

Much, much later: Ah. Another pass from A&A.

March 15, 2003


Today a 101 day personal rejection with some interesting comments from MarsDust and an 8 day form reject from Alchemy. In other news, it appears the Spirit of Helen Fielding has vacated my body. Phew.

March 14, 2003

Go Me!

V. dreary in library past day. Internet connection quite dodgy, AC same. V. bad. Less said better.

Yesterday attended first hockey game with sweetie & some of her work buddies. Friends quite nice, even for corporate folk. Game v. exciting, with much brandishing of sticks.

In other news, yesterday received contrib. copy of Star*Line, containing poem by me: "Speciation for the New Millennium." Even better than I remember. Go me!

Also, participating in online writing project: Very Secret Diaries of Camelot. Writing for King Pellinore, royal stalker of Q. Beast. Pro: V. amusing, honored to be in such dirty minded company. Con: writing style difficult to shake. Curse Helen Fielding. Will hope passes soon.

March 11, 2003


...mmm...flame broiled beef not from Burger King...

March 10, 2003

All Said And Done

And that's definitely it for me for Say.... Got a 97 day rejection in response to a poem I'd sent them, which takes care of that. Will try again next time.

But, on the bright side, it was another gorgeous day, weatherwise. I spent a little time outside, soaking up the sunshine. I wrote some more. Still going to Vegas next month (and still offering postcards to interested parties who bother to ask). And tomorrow I think I'll fire up the grill.

Twenty Minutes Later: Ah, she's slowing down. Another brief personal rejection from Abyss & Apex, this one in about eight and a half hours.

March 09, 2003

Jet Jaguar

Yes, it's happened. Upgraded reliable ol' Gandalf to Mac OS X 10.2.3 Jaguar. It's...very different. I like it, but since the household modem connection is still a dialup, it's hard to do a lot with it right now, like upgrade the OS or download software (except Safari, which is still in the excitable beta stage). Also, all our old software is still built for OS 9, which can make getting it to do stuff problematic. But at least now we can buy an iPod.

Spring is also here, which means it's time for yardwork. Weeds are starting to appear in large numbers in our backyard, and Lisa wants to plant azalea bushes under the kitchen window. Hard, hard work. So instead we thumbed our noses at all that and drove up to Chattanooga to visit the Tennessee Aquarium. Woohoo! Made it a double header and also saw an IMAX movie: Space Station 3D. Very cool. Gorgeous day.

In writing news, I got an email rejection from Say... this morning for issue #2 (...What Time Is It?). If you were wondering, this was the resubmit requested by the psychic editor Thursday. And how do I score this? It's either a 47 day personal rejection or a 3 day personal rejection, depending on your POV. Said nice things, but ultimately a nope. They did happen to mention the topic for issue #3, which I've now been led to think is still (relatively) secret. If you're curious, just ask.

March 08, 2003

Back To Reality

Ah, they're just trying to keep me humble. Two rejections today to compensate for my two sales yesterday: a 40 day personal rejection from Strange Horizons and a 49 day personal rejection from the Palace of Reason.

Still not reading, but I did buy a book yesterday: a new edition of Ellen Kushner's classic Swordspoint. Includes three short stories set in the same time. They brought it back into print because apparentally there's now a sequel, The Fall of the Kings. Glad to hear that, as I'd heard good things about this book.

March 07, 2003

Sale, Ho!

Hey, I sold something. Two somethings, actually, to Eggplant Literary Productions' Library. "Recipe for Griffin Cordon Bleu" and "We All Did Our Part: Catalog Record from the Library of Mars" will be appearing online, well, sooner or later.

March 06, 2003

Abyss Twice

Superquick rejection (just under eight hours) from Abyss & Apex. A resub of a previously lost submission, so perhaps she just kicked it up to the top of the list. At any rate, wow.

I'm actually thinking I'm going to need to query a whole bunch of markets. Had another editor email me to say they'd never received a submission of mine, and would I care to email it to her again? (I know what you're thinking: if they never got it, how did they know that? Easy. She's psychic. Actually she just reads Greg's and David's journals.) That's great, but I've got about four others that have been nearly three months waiting, and I'm starting to get a weird vibe on the lack of response. Don't you hate that?

Next week it's gonna be quiet at work, as the kiddies will all (or mostly all) be gone on spring break. Good for them. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get some caffeine.

Reading: Reading. What's that again?

Later: It's happened again! Another 8 hour rejection from Abyss & Apex. Goodness, I'm getting dizzy...

March 03, 2003

I'm Sorry, Who Are You Again?

Hey, celebrity sighting today at work. Definitely C List. Let me tell all. Was sitting quietly at the reference desk at the close of the day, when in walked a small group of people, all youngish, one of whom was holding a movie camera (the kind local news uses, not a camcorder). One of the guys sat down at a computer and Camera Boy started shooting. We get these now and again. Students, shooting art projects.

Since we make the kids get permission from library admin to shoot, my coworker goes over there to check. But no, they're not students. Instead they're from MTV, and the guy they were filming was none other than Puck of The Real World fame. Yes, one of the "original" reality tv stars. He's got or getting another show going with MTV.

At any rate, it turns out they don't have permission to film. Puck says they've been trying to get permission to film at KSU for a year and a half (!), and can't make any headway with administration. Why they'd be so hot to film here, I have no idea. So away they went again. At that point my replacement showed up, so I left.

Now, I didn't speak to Puck, although I did see and hear the whole exchange. I also never watched Real World. My only real comment is that Puck looks like he's been ridden hard and put up wet. He is not aging gracefully. I am impressed he's still getting mileage on his fifteen minutes. Good for him, I suppose.

In other news, my parents came over and spent the weekend. Did a little antiquing, ate out a little, and generally had a good time. They also brought some stuff over for our place: a coffee table and some stuff of mine from the attic (books, papers, old RPG stuff, that sort of thing). Mom's cleaning house.

In writing news, a 32 day personal rejection from a forthcoming Cthulhoid anthology from Wildside Press. If you didn't see it posted anywhere, it's because it wasn't formally announced. The editor mentioned he had a couple open slots on one of the SFF newsgroups, so I took a chance on sending it to him. He passed, but he did have some nice things to say.