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It was seventeen years ago when I saw the space shuttle Challenger explosion. I was home from school, during a snow day (extremely rare for north Georgia). My mom, also enjoying the snow day as a teacher, had flipped to CNN, which was broadcasting the launch live. I remember her calling down the hall to me, saying the shuttle was about to launch and did I want to see it? I had seen launches before; they'd been doing them for about five years at that point, and we saw them in school every now and then.

In short, I said no. Then I changed my mind five seconds later, like teenagers often do. I went down to the living room and joined my mom and brother. When the shuttle disappeared into the cloud of smoke, my mom gasped. I was surprised. Like I said, I had seen them before. This one didn't look right. After a couple more minutes of watching, it became very apparent how wrong things had gone.

I know a lot of people my age who think of the Challenger explosion as the equivalent of the Kennedy Assassination. You know, that whole "Where were you when the shuttle exploded?" I really hate the fact that now people will have to reply "Which one?"

It seems pointless to mention, but still: 18 day form reject from Alchemy.