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My Powers Have Failed

Hm. My incantation failed. In the past it has lead to editorial responses flooding in, but not this time. Perhaps I need a sigil, outlined in blood. Or shredded rejection slips. I must consider.

The closest thing I did receive was an answer to a query. Apparentally they never got the damned thing. I'm inclined, frankly, to blame them, as I submitted it to the same email address as before and they had no problem the first time. Grr. What they need is an auto-responder to let folks know if it arrived, but that would make it difficult for them to shift blame. Wow, that reads like I'm soaking in 180 proof bitterness. Ignore it.

I do have happier news, of course. While at the library Saturday I had a complete stranger walk up and complement my story in the Kennesaw Review. That was unexpected, and well appreciated.

Oh, and to prove I do occasionally leave the house: Sunday evening I went with my Lisa, the other Lisa, and their mother to see the musical Lion King. Now that was quite a show.

Recently read: the obscure Adios, Scheherazade, by Donald Westlake.