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Insert Glyph Of Annoyance

Today, a 7 day form reject from Alchemy. Oh well. At least he signed it (or rather, someone signed it).

In other news, the conference came to a successful end, more or less. In my case, rather less, because while the presentations went fine, a lapel mike the speakers used went missing. Replacement cost, $500. And while my boss at the library has assured me that it's all right and they won't be taking it out of my next paycheck, I am extremely annoyed.

For added excitement, tomorrow morning I'm going to be technically responsible for showing 60 eighth graders around the library. Let me perfectly clear on this. I will be the last thing between them and pizza. I am not happy about this.

Any good news? Hmm. Gonna get a refund on taxes. Forthcoming trip to Vegas (only had one taker on the postcard so far, so there's still plenty of time to ask). Oh, I know: a friend of mine work gave me a book, gratis. It's The Last Celt: A Bio-Bibliography of Robert E. Howard, by Glenn Lord. Cleaning out his shelves and didn't think he'd have time to read it, well, anytime ever. All right, life's not all bad.