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Everything Happens At Once

Well, not really. But it certainly feels that way, especially when I don't have time to tell you guys about it. And why don't I have time? Why, it's because I'm having to perform technical support for the ePublishing conference. It's been...hmm. Interesting, and mildly unnerving. Be happier when it's all over. Here's a plug: go to Night Kitchen's website and take a look at their authoring software for eBooks. It's fun, easy, and you can testdrive it for 30 days free.

And what else has been going on, you may ask? Why, there's some writing news: today got a 49 day rejection on a poetry batch from Mythic Delirium (form, although they really did like one of 'em, albeit not enough to buy it). But in happier news, my unimaginatively titled "Chinese Jambalaya" won the grand prize for HeyTrey's writing contest (see February 19th entry, if you don't see it right away). I'm now eligible for a small prize! Woo! The other entries sounded interesting (I rather liked Melanie's and Adam's) and I feel honored to be selected.

Hmm. What else? Well, Lisa and I are going to be taking a vacation together soonish (I'm always vague about dates, so as to not advertise that I'm not updating). And where are we going, you might ask? Why, to sunny and always tasteful Las Vegas! I'm very pleased. Not that I'm wild about gambling, but because I've always felt that it's one of those places that needs to be experienced. Anyone wants me to send them a postcard, drop me a line.

Then there's other stuff: on Thursday President Bush visited a local high school just up the road from work. Must've passed over fifty cop cars on the way into work: county, city, and state patrol, with a car sitting on every single side street. Scared the hell out of me until I found out what was going on. Also had to take one of the kitten's to the vet, as she's got a small 'thing' on her front leg. No biggie, but had to checked. The weather's been freaky, oh, and we need to do laundry.

So, how have you been?