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February 26, 2003

Watch Me Crumble Under Pressure

Never let be said I can't bow to peer pressure. Yes, I've added comments. Are we happy now? Go nuts.

What's that? You need a topic? All right. Here's one: Hollywood has optioned Moorcock's Elric books for the big screen. The direct cause of this, according to the article, is the success of Tolkien's ring trilogy. If you were unaware, Moorcock has always hated Tolkien's stuff; called it infantile. How ironic. Talk amongst yourselves. Or, if that doesn't interest you, how about Cafepress.com's announcement to start publishing books?

As I said: discuss. Or request postcards from Vegas. Or type limericks.

February 25, 2003

Insert Glyph Of Annoyance

Today, a 7 day form reject from Alchemy. Oh well. At least he signed it (or rather, someone signed it).

In other news, the conference came to a successful end, more or less. In my case, rather less, because while the presentations went fine, a lapel mike the speakers used went missing. Replacement cost, $500. And while my boss at the library has assured me that it's all right and they won't be taking it out of my next paycheck, I am extremely annoyed.

For added excitement, tomorrow morning I'm going to be technically responsible for showing 60 eighth graders around the library. Let me perfectly clear on this. I will be the last thing between them and pizza. I am not happy about this.

Any good news? Hmm. Gonna get a refund on taxes. Forthcoming trip to Vegas (only had one taker on the postcard so far, so there's still plenty of time to ask). Oh, I know: a friend of mine work gave me a book, gratis. It's The Last Celt: A Bio-Bibliography of Robert E. Howard, by Glenn Lord. Cleaning out his shelves and didn't think he'd have time to read it, well, anytime ever. All right, life's not all bad.

February 21, 2003

Everything Happens At Once

Well, not really. But it certainly feels that way, especially when I don't have time to tell you guys about it. And why don't I have time? Why, it's because I'm having to perform technical support for the ePublishing conference. It's been...hmm. Interesting, and mildly unnerving. Be happier when it's all over. Here's a plug: go to Night Kitchen's website and take a look at their authoring software for eBooks. It's fun, easy, and you can testdrive it for 30 days free.

And what else has been going on, you may ask? Why, there's some writing news: today got a 49 day rejection on a poetry batch from Mythic Delirium (form, although they really did like one of 'em, albeit not enough to buy it). But in happier news, my unimaginatively titled "Chinese Jambalaya" won the grand prize for HeyTrey's writing contest (see February 19th entry, if you don't see it right away). I'm now eligible for a small prize! Woo! The other entries sounded interesting (I rather liked Melanie's and Adam's) and I feel honored to be selected.

Hmm. What else? Well, Lisa and I are going to be taking a vacation together soonish (I'm always vague about dates, so as to not advertise that I'm not updating). And where are we going, you might ask? Why, to sunny and always tasteful Las Vegas! I'm very pleased. Not that I'm wild about gambling, but because I've always felt that it's one of those places that needs to be experienced. Anyone wants me to send them a postcard, drop me a line.

Then there's other stuff: on Thursday President Bush visited a local high school just up the road from work. Must've passed over fifty cop cars on the way into work: county, city, and state patrol, with a car sitting on every single side street. Scared the hell out of me until I found out what was going on. Also had to take one of the kitten's to the vet, as she's got a small 'thing' on her front leg. No biggie, but had to checked. The weather's been freaky, oh, and we need to do laundry.

So, how have you been?

February 18, 2003

Speedy Nope From Realms

The blue form of death from Realms of Fantasy. Clocked in at 22 days. The part about "simply did not stand out" was underlined, but the assistant editor did write a note of appreciation for the use of a self-sealing envelope. Doing what I can.

February 14, 2003

Happy Chocolate Day

Actually a much better name for this holiday.

In regards to the current situation here in this country, I'm at a complete loss as to what to do. Wait patiently, I suppose, see what develops, and try not to get depressed. And I'm guessing I'm not the only one. Great line from Jessica Reaves on Living with Terror:

"If you're in a public venue, take a minute or two to figure out where the exit signs are. Of course, in the case of an actual emergency, they'll be easily identified by the swarms of panicked people running through them."
Will instead get back to writing. Nothing else to report right now (maybe later, when the mail comes), but thanks for stopping by.

February 10, 2003

My Powers Have Failed

Hm. My incantation failed. In the past it has lead to editorial responses flooding in, but not this time. Perhaps I need a sigil, outlined in blood. Or shredded rejection slips. I must consider.

The closest thing I did receive was an answer to a query. Apparentally they never got the damned thing. I'm inclined, frankly, to blame them, as I submitted it to the same email address as before and they had no problem the first time. Grr. What they need is an auto-responder to let folks know if it arrived, but that would make it difficult for them to shift blame. Wow, that reads like I'm soaking in 180 proof bitterness. Ignore it.

I do have happier news, of course. While at the library Saturday I had a complete stranger walk up and complement my story in the Kennesaw Review. That was unexpected, and well appreciated.

Oh, and to prove I do occasionally leave the house: Sunday evening I went with my Lisa, the other Lisa, and their mother to see the musical Lion King. Now that was quite a show.

Recently read: the obscure Adios, Scheherazade, by Donald Westlake.

February 07, 2003

Voodoo Invocation

Whine, whine. Why haven't I heard back from any editors? Whine, whine. I'm due to hear from nine of them. Whine, whine.

There, that should do it. Sorry you had to see that, citizens. Go about your daily lives.

February 02, 2003

Ah, The Sweet Kiss Of Rejection

Comes around quick (a 1 day personal rejection from Dark Illuminati) and around slow (a 268 day form rejection from Lovecraft's Weird Mysteries), but it does come around sooner or later. I am getting heartily sick of it, but what you gonna do? Can't dance unless you ask.

Yesterday still seems quite unreal. Lisa and I had made plans to go to the movies with a friend. Went after all just to take our minds off the news. Saw Adaptation, which, like Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, was also written by Charlie Kaufman. Again, very funny, very surreal, very good.

Current Reading: The Book of Fantasy, edited by Jorge Luis Borges, Silvina Ocampo, and A. Bioy Casares. Best description: nongenre (elves, dragons, etc.) fantasy.

February 01, 2003


It was seventeen years ago when I saw the space shuttle Challenger explosion. I was home from school, during a snow day (extremely rare for north Georgia). My mom, also enjoying the snow day as a teacher, had flipped to CNN, which was broadcasting the launch live. I remember her calling down the hall to me, saying the shuttle was about to launch and did I want to see it? I had seen launches before; they'd been doing them for about five years at that point, and we saw them in school every now and then.

In short, I said no. Then I changed my mind five seconds later, like teenagers often do. I went down to the living room and joined my mom and brother. When the shuttle disappeared into the cloud of smoke, my mom gasped. I was surprised. Like I said, I had seen them before. This one didn't look right. After a couple more minutes of watching, it became very apparent how wrong things had gone.

I know a lot of people my age who think of the Challenger explosion as the equivalent of the Kennedy Assassination. You know, that whole "Where were you when the shuttle exploded?" I really hate the fact that now people will have to reply "Which one?"

It seems pointless to mention, but still: 18 day form reject from Alchemy.