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Nope From LCRW, And New Damned Annoyance

Today the mail brings a 55 day form rejection from Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet for a couple of poems. And so it goes.

The day job decided to crank up the annoyance factor a teensy bit: I arrived there this afternoon to discover that one of the library staffers has been fired. Yes, fired. From a state job, no less. Anyone who doubts it ever happens, here's proof otherwise (not going into any details, as a) this a public site, b) I don't know both sides, and c) you won't know him anyway so why bother?). So how is this my problem? Well, since we're in a hiring freeze right now, the soonest they can fill this guy's slot is July. And since he worked weekends, they had to split up his shifts among the librarians. I now have to work two Sundays this semester in addition to my three Saturdays. And these aren't concurrent, so I've now got five disrupted weekends. Grr.

I know, I know: in the Grand Scheme of Things, these are extremely small potatoes. Harvested by fleas. Microscopic. Really really really tiny. Nevertheless, I am now vexed.