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Bounce Once, Twice

Today come not one but two rejections: 35 day form from SciFi.Com and a 64 day short personal letter from Alchemy. Ego shield still rating pretty high, however.

Yesterday the mail brought me my preliminary Nebula ballot, which, I count, contains 26 novels, 8 novellas, 9 novelettes, 13 short stories, and 3 scripts. I've got to mail it back by February 6th. Since I've only read a couple of the novels, I fear this year's voting (in the novel category) will be based chiefly on reviews and the author's reputation. How annoying. I guess fewer and fewer people are writing the short stuff. How sad. At this rate, we're going to have to do like the Mystery Guild of America and start subdividing the novel category, likely between hardbacks and paperbacks. Or maybe by ever narrowing genre categories. I can see it now: first science fiction and fantasy will get their own Nebula, and then it'll get into the various subcategories. Alternate History, Cyberpunk, Space Opera, Hard SF, Sociological SF. Saga (but everyone will call it Big Fat Fantasy), Sword & Sorcery, High Fantasy, Humorous Fantasy. That last one I expect people will start referring to as "The Pratchetts."

Now Reading: Ah, the pressure's really on now. This evening I'm starting another Nebula nominee, Lion's Blood, by Steven Barnes. It's an alternate history where America was colonized by Muslims. Should be interesting.