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Where's My Attention?

Writing watch: Got some confirmation about a dead market. Speculon, to wit. Okay, it's only definitely dead to poetry (Ralan's says "all previous poetry submissions should be considered lost"), but I think it's fair to say it's not doing any better as far as fiction goes. Got a story there, but I've officially withdrawn it. Sure went downhill since Tim left. Time to shop for other markets.

Weather watch: "Storms a'comin'," say the local weatherfolk. Frozen rain & ice & sleet that have a very slight chance of hitting Atlanta metro, but still get plenty of lead time on the evening news. Makes for eyerolling amusement, as well as faint hopes of getting out of work tomorrow.

Birthday watch: In one week (next Tuesday) it'll be my birthday. My 33rd, to be precise, the same age as Frodo when Bilbo left him the ring. I doubt I'll get anything so dangerous or powerful, but a card would be nice. Or a tome of unspeakable power. Those are nice too.

Recent & Current Reading: The Golden, by Lucius Shepard and Kim Newman's Anno Dracula. I must say, they're two fine alternatives to Anne Rice's bloodsuckers.