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Review My Work; Vacation Time

Now's your chance to read my satire, "The Muse Drank Hazelnut," now appearing in the latest issue of the Kennesaw Review. It's not great art, but what is? And there'll be no appearing at work for me until next year. Library's closed. That's one of the best things about academia; pays not as good as the private sector, but it's a lot easier to get time off. Lisa'll be spending it with me, but she has to burn (much of) a week to join me.

What other news to report? Christmas is mostly taken care of: shopping, christmas cards, arrangements to spend time with family & friends. Seen a couple movies of note: The Two Towers, natch, and the noir Coen Brothers flick The Man Who Wasn't There. Still working on Perdido. It's good, but I'll reserve final judgement till the end. Many's the tale that falls apart in the end. In the meantime, enjoy the First Day of Winter.