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Another Year Over, And What Have We Done?

It never fails to amaze me everything that's happened over the course of a year. It always helps to write things down, of course. Let's see, I:

  • Had more editorial responses than the last couple of years, but they were much less positive overall.
  • Wrote some new stuff, but not nearly enough, in my own opinion. Although I did achieve brief internet fame with a little story about a plush Great Old One.
  • Lost two fuzzy friends, but gained three new ones.
  • Gained some new DIY skills with Lisa in the new house.
  • Traveled to new lands (Canada!) and saw cities & sites I'd not seen before (Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria), or at least not in a while (Washington DC, Memphis, Brunswick).
  • Saw some rock'n'roll legends relatively up close.
  • Read around sixty books, saw numerous movies, and watched far too much television.
  • Spent another fabulous year with my sweetie.
Hm, I did better and worse than I thought I would. So that's something, I suppose. My thanks to everyone reading, writing, and generally paying some level of attention (me, me, look at meeee!!!). Nice to know the mike's on. See you all next year.