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December 31, 2002

Another Year Over, And What Have We Done?

It never fails to amaze me everything that's happened over the course of a year. It always helps to write things down, of course. Let's see, I:

  • Had more editorial responses than the last couple of years, but they were much less positive overall.
  • Wrote some new stuff, but not nearly enough, in my own opinion. Although I did achieve brief internet fame with a little story about a plush Great Old One.
  • Lost two fuzzy friends, but gained three new ones.
  • Gained some new DIY skills with Lisa in the new house.
  • Traveled to new lands (Canada!) and saw cities & sites I'd not seen before (Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria), or at least not in a while (Washington DC, Memphis, Brunswick).
  • Saw some rock'n'roll legends relatively up close.
  • Read around sixty books, saw numerous movies, and watched far too much television.
  • Spent another fabulous year with my sweetie.
Hm, I did better and worse than I thought I would. So that's something, I suppose. My thanks to everyone reading, writing, and generally paying some level of attention (me, me, look at meeee!!!). Nice to know the mike's on. See you all next year.

December 27, 2002

Asimov's Slides In

Ooh, we're cutting it close, here at the end of the year. My latest contender for last editorial response of the year: a 50 day short form rejection from Asimov's.

December 26, 2002

So, What Did Santa Bring You?

That's it for another Christmas. Christmas Eve we had dinner with Lisa's parents and her sister Lisa (yes, yes) and exchanged gifts with them. Christmas morning we drove over to my parents' house, where we spent Christmas with them and my brother. The jolly old elf seemed to think we'd been awfully good this year. Gifts of note for me included a new leather jacket, the Treebeard action figure (with hobbit lifting action!), some CDs, and Spongebob Squarepants boxer shorts, along with a fistful of gift cards to Barnes & Noble. Today we're just hanging out, the best way to spend Boxing Day. Hope you all had a happy day.

December 24, 2002

It's Christmas Eve

Ah, it's that time of year. House is decorated and presents are (mostly) wrapped. Last night we had dinner with the in-laws and then went for our annual drive to see people's lights. That is to say, the rich people's lights (usually at the Country Club of the South), and we mostly point and laugh at the unbelievable over-the-top tackiness of all too many of them. Always remember: money cannot buy good taste.

December 21, 2002

Review My Work; Vacation Time

Now's your chance to read my satire, "The Muse Drank Hazelnut," now appearing in the latest issue of the Kennesaw Review. It's not great art, but what is? And there'll be no appearing at work for me until next year. Library's closed. That's one of the best things about academia; pays not as good as the private sector, but it's a lot easier to get time off. Lisa'll be spending it with me, but she has to burn (much of) a week to join me.

What other news to report? Christmas is mostly taken care of: shopping, christmas cards, arrangements to spend time with family & friends. Seen a couple movies of note: The Two Towers, natch, and the noir Coen Brothers flick The Man Who Wasn't There. Still working on Perdido. It's good, but I'll reserve final judgement till the end. Many's the tale that falls apart in the end. In the meantime, enjoy the First Day of Winter.

December 17, 2002

Third Alternative Passes

An 11 day form reject from The Third Alternative. In other news, thing are finally winding down. We're in exam week at school, so business is slow there. The house is decorated (always good) and most of our holiday shopping is finished. Still a few things to get, but overall, it looks like it may be a restful holiday this year. What are the odds?

December 12, 2002

Twofer, er, Thursday

Oh, so much posting! The shock, the horror! Just take it easy, folks. Early morning email brought two rejections, one from Abyss & Apex (@ 9 days) and the other from Strange Horizons (@ 16 days).

And in other news, I'd like to wish Happy Birthday to Tim. Tim's reached the ripe old age of 26, so you can imagine how much sympathy he's getting. Sheesh.

December 11, 2002

Well, So Much For That

And another year goes by. Thank you all for your cards, gifts, and especially best wishes. That means the most of all.

Tonight we're decorating the house for Christmas. It's fun and easy. Here we have Andy as Santa Claws. It's his own fault; he's the only one who fits in the hat.

Current Reading: Having heard it's better than sliced bread, Perdido Street Station. We shall see.

December 10, 2002

I Grow Old, I Grow Old

But I only occasionally wear the bottoms of my blue jeans rolled (mostly in the summer, when I'm wearing my sandals). Which is something, I suppose.

Current Reading: the new Honor Harrington, War of Honor.

December 06, 2002

Nyet from Weird Tales; Dark Illuminati Don't Waste Time

Ooh, and yesterday brings quite the rejection: 62 days from Weird Tales. Called it "murky," which is not precisely what I was going for. Drat.

Current Reading: Oh, if you're a writer (however defined) looking for ideas & inspiration, I highly recommend you look into this book: The Museum of Hoaxes. Hysterical history of lies, frauds & deceptions throughout time. Even has its own website: http://www.museumofhoaxes.com.

Later: A later check of email reveals a personal e-jection from Dark Illuminati (a newish speculative poetry mag), absolutely smoking at (roughly) 7 and a half hours. Good lord. That's...impressive, to say the least.

December 03, 2002

Where's My Attention?

Writing watch: Got some confirmation about a dead market. Speculon, to wit. Okay, it's only definitely dead to poetry (Ralan's says "all previous poetry submissions should be considered lost"), but I think it's fair to say it's not doing any better as far as fiction goes. Got a story there, but I've officially withdrawn it. Sure went downhill since Tim left. Time to shop for other markets.

Weather watch: "Storms a'comin'," say the local weatherfolk. Frozen rain & ice & sleet that have a very slight chance of hitting Atlanta metro, but still get plenty of lead time on the evening news. Makes for eyerolling amusement, as well as faint hopes of getting out of work tomorrow.

Birthday watch: In one week (next Tuesday) it'll be my birthday. My 33rd, to be precise, the same age as Frodo when Bilbo left him the ring. I doubt I'll get anything so dangerous or powerful, but a card would be nice. Or a tome of unspeakable power. Those are nice too.

Recent & Current Reading: The Golden, by Lucius Shepard and Kim Newman's Anno Dracula. I must say, they're two fine alternatives to Anne Rice's bloodsuckers.