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Well, for our U.S. readers, I hope yesterday was a happy sacrificial bird (be it real or Tofurkey) day for you all. Non-U.S. readers, I hope you had a nice Thursday. Mine was. We arrived at Lisa's parents' house with the other relatives and consumed mass quantities, then sat back and watched Behind Enemy Lines. Which is, I hadn't realized, a Christmas movie. Of course, as my Lisa pointed out, it's a Christmas movie like Die Hard is a Christmas movie, but still.

Do you recall that a local literary magazine solicited a story of mine a few days ago? Well, they took it. Told you they were hard up for fiction. My story, "The Muse Drank Hazelnut," will be appearing on the Kennesaw Review's website soon enough. I'm just glad it'll see the light of day.

Now just hanging about, enjoying the time off and staying well away from the pirahna feeding-fest that is our local mall. Gaah.