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DIY All the Time

Well, we've been working hard about the house, trying to get it fixed up for the holidays. Particularly Thanksgiving. Lisa's extended family will be descending upon Atlanta for the day, twenty-four at last count. And while we won't be having the big turkey dinner at our place (Lisa's parents have that honor), we expect a few visitors to want to see the house. So it's been one thing or another. We've painted a few more walls, finished putting out pine bark on all the flower beds, bought some new lamps for the family room, and most impressively (for us), took down the original lamp hanging over the kitchen table and replaced it with a new dragonfly lamp. Quite an accomplishment, especially since we got it right the first time with no blown fuses, fires, or electrocutions.

There's been little to report of literary note, except one thing: got a request from a friend of mine to send a story to a local literary magazine. Apparentally they're hard up for fiction.