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No Sympathy For The Writer

In the email, a 22 day rejection from Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. Interesting remarks, but I'd have to say the story's not worth saving. Into the trunk where it will await being added to the volume of my complete works after I die.

On the bright side, I had the good fortune to see the Rolling Stones perform in Turner Field Saturday night (No Doubt opened, and were fabulous as well). Considering the Stones are old enough to join AARP, they can still put on quite a show. Very energetic Mic, Keith and the others are. Thanks to my brother Paul's excellent connections, we got about within fifteen feet of the band. This is only a guess, mind you, but it was close enough to get splattered when Mic flipped some water from his Dasani bottle in our general direction. The crowd was quite the mixed bag, made up of college aged stoners and drunken baby boomers alike. And on that note, if ever I have opportunity to become King of the World, I'm going to decree a maximum age on the wearing of leather pants. Yikes.

Recently Read: Hmm, quite a few things actually. Wizard of the Pigeons by Megan Lindholm. Wyrldmaker, Terry Bisson's first novel and probably one of the freakiest S&S novels I've read. Very Vancian. A Boyer & Zahorski collection, The Fantastic Imagination. A couple of classics, Time and Again by Clifford Simak and Witch World by Andre Norton. Oh, and some non-genre: the light and frothy indictment of childcare among the NYC upper crust, The Nanny Diaries. Both amusing and depressing, that one.