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Drought Ends

And not just because of Isidore. No, it's my own personal slow period, ending with not one but two rejections in the mail, one from On Spec at 101 days, the other from Strange Horizons at 17 days. Both said nice things, but in the end, they both passed. The SH story I have sent to 19 markets total; I have officially run out of future locations, until further notice. Into the drawer it goes.

In non-writing news, the furniture is trickling in. Got the end tables this past Saturday, the armoire came today, and Saturday our tv should show up. I'm very pleased. This has also been a long week at work, as I had to perform no less than six, count 'em, six bibliographic instruction sessions (or BIs, as library folk call 'em) in the last four days. They're tiring at best (two a day is worse), and make me nervous as well (I hate being the focus of attention for large groups of people). Librarians are not an outgoing species, if you hadn't noticed. Happily, I now seem to be done with them for a couple weeks at least.

Recently read: Not Without Sorcery, an old Theodore Sturgeon collection I had lying aboot the place.