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Not Dead, Just Sleepy

The lack of editorial response continues: three weeks without anything. I can hardly stand it. Which is not to say there aren't things going on. To whit:

  • We've painted (some of) our downstairs! Color on the walls beyond the generic beige the builders slap on.
  • School has opened for the fall! And what makes this year especially exciting is that we've got dorms on campus for the first time. This past weekend the campus cops cited 50 students, give or take, for underaged drinking. What fun.
  • Nebula campaigning has started early this year. Got an unsolicited copy of Alien Taste in the mail today. It's on the 2002 preliminary ballot (next year's voting). Kudos to Roc's publicity department.
  • I'm still answering email, from all sorts of interesting people, all of whom are apparentally very fond of stuffed representatios of squid-headed alien deities. Sort of renews my faith in humanity for some odd reason.
  • Lisa may be having to go to a conference for work in a couple weeks. Of all places, it's set in the Planet of the Great Big Mouse. Run away!
  • The kittens continue to interfere with our sleeping. Now we're waking up in the middle of night to discover them lying on our faces. Purring. Cute, but there's that whole lack of oxygen thing going on that we just can't get across to them.
See? Things are happening. Perhaps not very interesting, but happening all the same.