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Secrets Revealed As Asimov's Saves 2c

A 13 day return from Asimov's! Absolutely smoking, and encouraged, no doubt, that I forgot to put all the extra postage on my return envelope. Either that, or Dozois has determined to take a page from Van Gelder's book.

In other news, Lisa is back from Dallas. And so I can now reveal what I've doing: minding kittens. Yes, we've brought home some new members of the family, bringing our current count of cats up to five (You may be right. I may be crazy.) One male, two females, roughly nine weeks old, all siblings. Their names are Sylvia, Gus, and June. White fur and green eyes, except June, who has a green eye and a blue eye. We've always gone for 'real' names in our cats, and these are no exception. Not that I wasn't tempted. Let's face it, the similiarities in appearance allow for some interesting possibilities. For example:

  • Cheesy: Mozzarella, Swiss, & Cottage

  • Decorating: Eggshell, Blanc, & Cream

  • Milky: Whole, 2%, & Skim

  • Supernatural: Ghost, Wraith, & Banshee

  • Sweet: Marshmallow, Sugar, & Vanilla

  • Wintry: Glacier, Blizzard, & Snowdrift
You get the idea.

Reactions on the part of the other cats are mixed. Josie is distinctly unhappy. Then again, she's been unhappy with every other cat we've ever brought home. Andy seems very interested, but he's not sure what to do. As Lisa says, he's like a bachelor uncle who's been suddenly stuck with his sister's three kids. He's Bernie Mac! We'll see how it goes.