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Weird Tales Misses The Point, As Does Vestal Review

That's what their 36 day rejection letter said. "Somehow we missed the point." This makes me sad, somehow. Ah, as folks have said, I appear to be keeping a low profile these days. I blame the weather. Or adaptating to the new house. Or I'm just lazy. I've seen a few movies (Minority Report, v. good and The Bourne Identity, good) but that's about it. Well, that and work.

Much Later: I come home from work in the rain & thunder & lightning (we lost power at work for five seconds, not long at all unless you're in a room with fifty computers), and turn on the computer for two minutes to check email, only to find a 33 day ejection from Vestal Review. saying they found my plot unclear. Just call me Jon the Obscure.