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I Got High On The Needle (Honey, I'm Home)

Well, we're back. A fabulous vacation, to say the least. We visited Seattle, Victoria and Vancouver, with points in between. Weather was perfect, as it only rained on us once in nine days. So much for the vaunted rain of the Pacific Northwest. Oh, what a time we had! Some of the highlights included:

  • Going to the top of the Seattle Space Needle (as opposed to the VancouverSpace Needle)

  • Browsing the aisles of Archie McPhee

  • Taking the ferry through the San Juan Islands to Victoria Island

  • Smelling the flowers at Butchart Gardens

  • Spotting J and K pods of the Southern Residents on a whale watching expedition

  • Taking high tea at the Empress in Victoria

  • Driving through British Columbia along the TransCanadian Highway

  • Seeing the beluga whales at the Vancouver Aquarium

  • Watching the ships and floatplanes coming in and out of Vancouver Harbor
All that and more, as well as just generally walking around and looking at things. In short, we had a fine time. Bought some cool souvenirs (you can see my favorite up on the right) and took a lot of pictures. Five hundred sixty two, to be precise, along with three short Quicktime movies. While we were gone I got an email rejection from Strange Horizons, clocking at 35 days. Thank goodness we've got a weekend to recover, 'cause we've now got a ton and a half of laundry.