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June 29, 2002

SCIFI.com Nope

At 59 days, a say-nothing from SCIFI.com, tying the longest it's ever taken them to get back to me. Drat and other remarks.

Fortunately, I've found something to do. Unfortunately, Lisa took the camera with her to Dallas, so you'll just have to wait until she gets back and I can show you. No, not that. Perverts.

June 28, 2002

And It's a New Record

Yes, clocking in at 49 days, Fantastic has provided me with my 300th rejection since I started the Body Count. Ay carumba.

In other news, Lisa has departed for Dallas this weekend. She's going to her nephew's christening, along with most of her extended family. I am still here, as I have to work Saturday. I'm not sure what I'll be doing with my time. Something will come to me, I know it. And unlike some people when their Lisa goes out of town, it won't involve smearing myself with bean dip.

June 27, 2002

Weird Tales Misses The Point, As Does Vestal Review

That's what their 36 day rejection letter said. "Somehow we missed the point." This makes me sad, somehow. Ah, as folks have said, I appear to be keeping a low profile these days. I blame the weather. Or adaptating to the new house. Or I'm just lazy. I've seen a few movies (Minority Report, v. good and The Bourne Identity, good) but that's about it. Well, that and work.

Much Later: I come home from work in the rain & thunder & lightning (we lost power at work for five seconds, not long at all unless you're in a room with fifty computers), and turn on the computer for two minutes to check email, only to find a 33 day ejection from Vestal Review. saying they found my plot unclear. Just call me Jon the Obscure.

June 22, 2002

F&SF Pass

An 8 day rejection from the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, speedy as always.

What I've Been Reading: The Cockatrice Boys, by Joan Aiken, and Sinfest, an online comic strip by Tatsuya Ishida. Very good, by the way: think of Calvin & Hobbes crossed with Bloom County, add the occasional religious sentiments of Peanuts, soak it in ghettospeak and render it in hentai, and that roughly sums it up. Take a look. Currently working on the classic Of Men and Monsters by William Tenn.

June 20, 2002

Blue Form Of Death

At 31 days, the blue form no from Realms of Fantasy, with the part "a story which simply did not 'stand out'" underlined. Drat. I must remember sometime to train my manuscripts to sing in three part harmony, "pick me, pick me, pick meeee!"

That'd get some attention, I have no doubt.

June 17, 2002

Sensible Shoes

Well, I actually spent some time involved in professional development. The 2002 ALA Conference was in Atlanta this year, and since it was so close (and KSU picked up the registration), I decided to go. Friday I had dinner with an old friend & colleague from IU (hi, Maryann!), and Saturday I went to the conference. ALA is big: roughly 20,000 folks attend, mostly librarians, mostly women, mostly in sensible shoes. It was my first time attending, and I had a blast. All sorts of people show up at those things besides librarians: authors, publishers, editors, and other folks interested in the library world. I attended a panel discussion on Science Fiction and the Future of Technology, which featured Charles Sheffield, Nancy Kress, and Ben Bova. They talked, Q&A'd, then signed books. And if you didn't have one of their books with you, not to worry. The publishers provided free copies of a work from each one.

I also got the leatherclad Neil Gaiman to sign my copy of American Gods, as well as a copy of Stardust (provided by a young lady from the publishers. actual conversation: "do you have something for Neil to sign?" "Yes," showing her my book. "Well, take this one too."). Tor books had an booth, and gave away free titles (I also got to chat with one of the editors for a bit. No, not PNH or Teresa). There I also ran into Thomas Seay, startling him by recognizing his name (hah!). HarperCollins gave away galleys of soon-to-be released books. Pioneer gave away music DVDs, mostly operas and Windham Hill. All that and more, including the usual suspects (pens, totebags, post-it notes, etc.)

In short, I made out like a bookreading bandit.

Recent reading: Lord Dunsany's Book of Wonder, Paul DiFilippo's Strange Trades, M. John Harrison's The Pastel City, Glen Cook's Passage at Arms, the Avram Davidson classic The Phoenix and the Mirror, and a spot of nonfiction: Big Chief Elizabeth: How England's Adventurers Gambled and Won the New World.

June 11, 2002

Happy Birthday

I'd like to extend the happiest of birthday greetings to my sweetie Lisa. Hope your day goes well, and make sure everyone at work knows about it so they'll be nice to you today. Or they'll have to answer to me.

Also, in case you missed it on the way in, I'd like to recommend some proof positive that I've got too much time on my hands (or at least, too much time, a digital camera, and a very strange sense of humor). Read: Tales of the Plush Cthulhu. Look for new adventures every so often, whenever I feel like it. Ah, I can see it now. Plush Cthulhu vs. the Windup Robots. Plush Cthulhu vs. Lord of the Rings Action Figures. And perhaps the most dramatic story of all, Plush Cthulhu vs. Andy the Housecat.

June 09, 2002

I Got High On The Needle (Honey, I'm Home)

Well, we're back. A fabulous vacation, to say the least. We visited Seattle, Victoria and Vancouver, with points in between. Weather was perfect, as it only rained on us once in nine days. So much for the vaunted rain of the Pacific Northwest. Oh, what a time we had! Some of the highlights included:

  • Going to the top of the Seattle Space Needle (as opposed to the VancouverSpace Needle)

  • Browsing the aisles of Archie McPhee

  • Taking the ferry through the San Juan Islands to Victoria Island

  • Smelling the flowers at Butchart Gardens

  • Spotting J and K pods of the Southern Residents on a whale watching expedition

  • Taking high tea at the Empress in Victoria

  • Driving through British Columbia along the TransCanadian Highway

  • Seeing the beluga whales at the Vancouver Aquarium

  • Watching the ships and floatplanes coming in and out of Vancouver Harbor
All that and more, as well as just generally walking around and looking at things. In short, we had a fine time. Bought some cool souvenirs (you can see my favorite up on the right) and took a lot of pictures. Five hundred sixty two, to be precise, along with three short Quicktime movies. While we were gone I got an email rejection from Strange Horizons, clocking at 35 days. Thank goodness we've got a weekend to recover, 'cause we've now got a ton and a half of laundry.