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May 28, 2002

Not Fantastic

At 56 days, the slip'o'paper rejection from Fantastic Stories. In other news, I discovered yesterday while mowing the lawn that we have fire ants building a nest out back. Got bit by them once, long long ago (pre-WWW) when I had a summer job at weed science. Out in a field, stepped on a nest. Had to yank my jeans off to make sure I'd gotten them all out of there. Painful little beggars, they are. Must remember to spread some insecticide on these guys before we leave.

May 25, 2002

Asimovian Demurral

At 79 days, the short rejection form from Dozois.

strong>Later: An email message from 3SF magazine, requesting a rewrite on a recent story submission. I may or may not have time to get to it before Lisa & I go on vacation this week (Remember? Pacific Northwest? I rambled on about it back on March 20th?). We'll see. Incidentally, anyone wanting me to send 'em a postcard should let me know (and provide me with their mailing address). If you already live in the Pacific Northwest, send me your address anyway and I'll send you one from Georgia (I think I can find a good one of the Big Chicken). But hurry to make your request before I leave...

May 21, 2002

Chiaroscuro Says No

A 22 day e-rejection from Chiaroscuro; liked the writing, but said it wasn't for them.

Later: I learn quite by accident that my story "Thief, Witch, Sorcerer, Dragon, Book" is finally up online at Elysian Fiction. How nice (I'd almost lost track of it. Almost). EF's got an interesting feature, where they let you decide how you'd like the story displayed. Giving more control to the reader...what a novel idea. Check it out and see how it works. Oh, and read the story, willya? Got some other stories there worth reading.

May 18, 2002

More Comes Drifting In

Got some more word from Out There: a rejection from Leading Edge, at 123 days; a rejection from SCIFI.COM, at a week; the contracts from Weird Tales, for my pantoum "Fall of the Enchanter." In they come and back out they'll go.

Hmm. What else to report? Went and saw Spiderman (twice), as well as About a Boy. Will be waiting on Clones until the lines die down. Also recently read E. Nesbitt's classic Five Children and It and the latest Miles Vorkosigan book, Diplomatic Immunity.

May 16, 2002

Pass From 3SF

A 13 day email rejection from 3SF, a new British SF magazine. Liked it & thot it funny in spots, but in the end, had no SF or fantastic content at all. Details, details. Did ask to see more, tho'. Always nice to know.

May 13, 2002

The Little Things

No rejections or acceptances, although I did get some writing emails. Weird Tales asked for my snail mail address again, as the post office keeps telling them I don't exist. Since they delivered the VISA bill the other day, I find that hysterical. Also, Elysian Fiction has some story proofs up, so I need to check those.

Also, I had the opportunity to try a Vanilla Coke today (on sale everywhere May 14th, or therebouts). With the vanilla, it tastes a little like root beer, but with an interesting aftertaste. Mine was a bit warm, however, so I'll reserve judgement fully until I can get a cold one.

Reading has been fairly light: Reading the Vampire Slayer (a postmodern literary approach to Buffy).

May 09, 2002

More Of The Same

Today, a 24 day e-rejection from Vestal Review and a 50 day rejection from Realms of Fantasy (blue form). Had a lot of stories come back in the last few days. Some of them, I think, will be put out to pasture.

May 08, 2002

Flocking Rejections

The wild dogs continue to rip at me: Monday I had two rejections (The Third Alternative, and F&SF, both at seven days) and yesterday one from SCIFI.COM Fiction at 57 days. Oh, the pain, the pain!

Ahem. Sorry 'bout that. I don't often channel Dr. Smith, but it does happen from time to time...

May 01, 2002

Mayday, Mayday

Rejections now seem to travel in packs: today brought a pass from Absolute Magnitude at 43 days, and an e-jection from Deep Outside, clocking at 49 days.

On the bright side, we are now the proud possessors of a new digital camera. Which means, we can finally provide some pics on a more regular basis. Off to your right you can see Andy, resting comfortable in the late afternoon sunshine.