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"Oh, these little rejections, how they disappear quickly..."

Not been posting, as there's been nothing to report. Not complaining, as I'm still writing. Not every day, of course. Real Life keeps stepping in (shakes fist at sky).

But, just to keep you coming back, I thought I'd provide a little info. I do have two links of interest to writers who have some troubles coming up with names for their characters.

  • The Name-O-Meter, from Parenting.com. One particularly interesting feature is seeing how popular certain names have been over the last century. If, for example, you've got a character born in 1907, he's more likely to be named George (#4) than Greg (didn't even appear on the charts until the 1940's).

  • Frequently Occurring First Names and Surnames, from Census.gov. This info is from the 1990 census. One thing of particular use is the surname listing. If you've found yourself reduced to flipping through the phone book looking for a last name, try this. They've got about 90,000 to choose from.

Later: Hah! A batch of poetry comes back from Strange Horizons at 22 days.

Recent reads: The Best of L. Sprague de Camp, the infamous Jurgen by James Branch Cabell, and now Theodore Sturgeon's Starshine. Who says I'm not well-read in the classics?