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F&SF And Taxman Cometh

A week long return from F&SF. Still failing to grab. No problem, as I've got something else for them. I expect you'll be able to check back here in a week or so and see a new rejection from them. Is this cynical? Perhaps, but it's also realistic. The odds are long.

Also (if you live in the USA), today's the day your taxes are due. Hurry! File, people, file! Or, ahem, get an extension. In other news, I read over the weekend that Paramount has optioned the John Carter of Mars books to be made into movies, and I heard this morning that Damon Knight also passed away. That last makes me quite sad.

Later: A piece of surprising news. According to DNA Publishing's newsgroup on SFF Net, Absolute Magnitude has raised its pay rates. They're now 7 to 10 cents a word. Good heavens. That should bring about a shift in the kind of names they'll be getting...