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Drexel Online Uninterested

Today I received in the mail a form rejection for a couple poems I'd sent to Drexel Online Journal. Very surprising, as I was expecting an email response. I mean, it is online, after all. Strange. In other writing news, I'm still daring. Sadly, I did miss Thursday altogether, after returning to a Gov Docs conference in Carrollton. Sucked all the life from my bones, it did. But it's ok. It's like a diet. If you messed up yesterday, don't worry about it. Just keep after it.

Current reading: Just finished up Scott McCloud's Reinventing Comics. Thought it intriguing. Next to be tackled...hmm (looks around library)...how about, Michael Bishop's Blue Kansas Sky. Bought this a while ago, so I'd say it's time to give it a shot.