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You Can Call Me Al

After returning home from a 14-hour day of tech supporting at the university's eBooks Conference (and I have to do it again tomorrow, oh joy of joys!), Lisa shows me that our house purchase has appeared in the local paper. Lisa's first on the mortgage ('cuz she makes the big bucks), so she's listed. After that, all it says is "et al."

I must remember to check my birth certificate again. Obviously my mom

forgot to tell me something. Seriously, why they can't bother to list my name as well is beyond me. Ah well. That just means all the mortgage related junk mail we'll be soon getting will just have her name on it. What fun (hi sweetie!).

In other news, I see that TangentOnline has reviewed Black Gate #3. If you're not familiar with Tangent, it's a subscription site, but they do let you see older reviews for free; this one being fresh, access is restricted. I can quote without fear, however, that they call my story "lighthearted and charming," as well as "Lots of fun."