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The Horror, The Horror

A 65 day rejection from Horror Garage. Assistant editor must be slowing down; she kept it a lot longer than the Black Hole average, but apparentally never sent it on to Guran. Ah well.

My days of tech supporting are now over. Pretty interesting over all - one of the presenters was Bob Stein of Night Kitchen software. Night Kitchen makes an authoring tool designed for writers (little shameless jargon blend, there). In other words, it's for folks interested in making eBooks but don't want to have to either a) rely on the programmers of a publishing company to bring their vision to life, or b) learn a more complicated authoring tool like Macromedia Director. Program looks intriguing (some useful functionality built in), and the company has an interesting purchasing technique: the program is relatively cheap ($60 or so), but it's subscription-based. That $60 gets you the right to use it for a year. That sounds like a rip, except when one considers how quickly things go out of date in the Computer Lands. Then again, there's also a free 30 day trial. Take a look, if you're interested in that sort of thing.