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Pre-Rejected Rejection And Resolutions

Today the mail brought a painful reminder of why it is very important to keep good records. About a month (or two) ago I packaged up a bunch of stories to submit, including one to Absolute Magnitude. After I'd already taken them to the Post Office did I discover that Absolute Magnitude had already rejected it three months prior. I sent an email to Warren apologizing and asking him to chuck it. They say he gets a lot of email (on all sorts of things, not just idjits like me), so he must've missed it; got a form rejection from him today. Sigh.

In other news, I got my new passport in the mail! Yay! Now I can go on exotic vacations with Lisa, or flee the country if necessary (always be prepared). I'm glad to have a new passport. My old photo got some strange looks from customs agents (lots of look at me, look at the photo, back to me then photo, etc.). Just have a look. This is also roughly how I looked when I met my future in-laws for the first time. I'm surprised they even made eye contact.

Later: Hah! Good news by email! Tim Pratt has accepted two of my poems ("Cut Down the Night," and "Speciation for the New Millenium") for publication in Star*Line, the SFPA's poetry magazine. Oh, very excellent (He also passed on the other three. I choose not to focus on that).