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Not One But Two!

Whoo, the email brings to me rejections from Black Gate (@ 145 days) and The Edge (@ 7 days). Gosh, who says technology isn't wonderful?

Aah, I don't mind, really, 'cuz today Lisa and I made firm vacation plans: this summer we're goin' to Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, and all them other-type Pacific Northwesty places. A week's vacation to strange (to us) & distant (2673 miles away) lands. And we have to go, 'cuz we already bought the plane tickets. Ah, our first vacation trip together where no one else comes along...how nice. I believe the last such vacation was our honeymoon, all those years ago. At any rate, it's long overdue.

This also means that I'll fullfill my last New Year's Resolution: using my newly renewed passport. I understand the U.S.-Canada border is now much tighter than in Days of Yore, thanks to September 11th, so I'll have to use it. Ha! (Hmm, all resolutions completed by March. Perhaps my standards were too low).

What I'm reading now: Finished Black House. Since then I've completed a vintage anthology called Weird Shadows From Beyond, and have now started the latest Robert Parker novel Widow's Walk. Spenser novels are quick reads, but always enjoyable.