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My Coworkers Are Swell

The day they arrived, I brought one of my Black Gate contributor's copy to work with me, chiefly to show Dan at the circulation desk. Dan reads a lot of fantasy; I recently hooked him up with Glen Cook's Black Company series, so I figured he'd be interested. Dan works nights, so I left it with him to give him something else to do (libraries are especially boring by about 10pm, barring late night insane people). The next day (yesterday) I came in to find out they'd photocopied my story and it was making the rounds. Mind you, this is something I'd never do: I'd hate to put someone on the spot, especially if that's not their cup of tea. Dan would be safe enough, but he's the only SF/F fan in the lot. Today, however, I came in to find that it'd been added to the faculty work display in the lobby. They color-copied the magazine cover, added the first page and my short bio, and put it in with the English professors and the book jackets of their literary novels. I told Rita (who's in charge of the display) that was nice, but why did she do it? She said, "Why not? We're proud of you."

Did I mention they're swell people there?