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Today, For Your Amusement...

Lisa appears to have mostly recovered from the extractions (thanks for your well wishes). She hasn't gone back to work yet, but she feels well enough to feel guilty for not going. We've agreed that she's not going anywhere until she finishes taking the painkillers. Atlanta traffic is exciting enough as it is.

Not much happening in the writing scene as far as returns go. I am writing, however: started working on a new story, and I think it's going pretty well. I've also got a couple ideas for other stories which are interesting. This makes me happy. Real Life(TM) had been very distracting for the last, oh, four months, and I'd gotten bogged down by the mechanics of publication (and my perceived failures). But my attitude has been adjusted, thanks to some good advice I've been reading. It's part of Barry Longyear's Write Stuff web page. Take a look.

At any rate, here's a couple things I've seen over the last week or so that might amuse:

Currently reading: Sabriel by Garth Nix. If you've not heard of him before, Nix is an Australian fantasy writer. This one won't help my overflow situation: it's a loaner from a friend.