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First Of The Year

Ah, the first return of the year: a "bring out'cher dead" form from Cemetery Dance, clocking in at 427 days. I'd've pulled it a couple weeks ago, except that recent reports on sff.writing.response-times suggested they were finally wading through the slush. Only one left that's seriously overdue. Not too bad; at least I'm not in Ron's shoes.

In more positive news, it looks like the latest issue of Black Gate Magazine is getting ready to appear on newstands, bookstores, comic shops, and mail boxes here and there. Amongst its pages will be my story, "Three Nights in Big Rock City." There's an excerpt up on the mag's web site, so feel free to take a look. My thanks to Mike for pointing it out. I'm also pleased to say I like the accompanying illustrations, done by Brian Hughes. Illustrations are always hit or miss (and there've been times when I've been unhappy), but these I rather like. Phew.

Still keeping up the resolutions, BTW. After having read Riverworld and Other Stories by PJF and Terry's Universe, a tribute anthology to the late editor Terry Carr, I'm now working on Camp Concentration by Tom Disch. Quite good. Even better, I've got more Disch sitting on the shelf to read when I'm done. Mmm...Disch...