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Buffalo Laughs At Us

Ah, a new year, fresh with portent and fraught with possibility. Or something. I've made some resolutions this year, a few I'll share with you.

  • I will renew my expired-ten-months-ago passport
  • I will travel someplace where I need my passport. Canada will count.
  • I will read more.

That last one may make my wife Lisa laugh (hi Lisa!), but I think it's a reasonable resolution. In the process of moving, I ended up merging my not-yet-read books with the regular collection. Yesterday, in an attempt to make sure I don't overlook them later on, I went through and stuck little pieces of paper in them. Now, looking over the shelves, I can see about a hundred or so flags. Ridiculous, simply ridiculous. Why buy them if I don't read them? So, time to put a few more titles under my belt. Already going well, by the way. Just finished Lucius Shepard's The Jaguar Hunter, and am now starting on Narcissus in Chains, the latest Anita Blake.

(An aside: Looking up, I notice my office has a cobweb in the corner, right above my desk. How long have we been here? Three weeks? Where's that damn broom?)

Finally, we have snow here in Georgia. A reasonable amount (two inches or so, four near the airport). Snow in Atlanta is a big deal, not unlike rain in San Diego. Local news gives it the lead story and many lesser stories, all filling minutes of air time. One of those stories was about how snowy Buffalo and its ten feet of snow is snickering up their sleeves at us for freaking out about this. It's true, Southerners are wimps when it comes to snow, immediately running for bread, milk and toliet paper as soon as the first flake is sighted. But in our defense, we don't have any trucks to scrape the roads and lay down salt/dirt/cat litter. What falls, stays there until it melts. Or in this case tonight, melts a little and then refreezes. Looks pretty, tho'. So, mock all you want Buffalo, but I don't think I'll bother breaking out the snow shovel. Things should be closed tomorrow. Heh heh heh...